Blue Fish Pilates was established because I (Megan Dahl – the founder of Blue Fish Pilates), saw a need for a personalised Pilates experience to that restores clients’ full movement and freedom and to keep every BODY moving regardless of your age, gender, abilities, injury or diagnosis.

Blue Fish Pilates is freedom! EXPERIENCE the DIFFERENCE

Something might seem impossible, but we make it achievable and possible.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” 

Joseph Pilates

What is Pilates? 

The best exercise ever!! Pilates is an exercise practice. It is about connection – we want you to learn how to move better, become more connected to your body, feel strong, invigorated and have fun! I practise Pilates so I CAN!! My Pilates practice allows me to breathe better, run faster, walk with vigour, go up and down the stairs easily and confidently, and to be able to take a kickass class at the Gym without injury. Pilates is for all ages, body types, fitness levels and abilities.

Blue Fish Pilates 

In 2019, I rebranded to Blue Fish Pilates and moved to Rainbow Beach, Queensland – the gateway to Fraser Island.  The Fish represents freedom, flow and fluid movement.

How many times a week do I need to do Pilates? 

Simple – 3 times per week is the best way to see and feel real changes in your body. Once a week is better than nothing, and two is good, but for real results – 3 to 4 times per week is optimal.

Do I need to be young and fit to attend Pilates? 

No, that is the beauty of Pilates. It is a practice not a perfect. Pilates is especially amazing for easing pain, improving balance and posture.

I am on holidays, will Pilates / Emmett therapy help me prepare /recover from holiday activities?

YES. Pilates and Emmett Therapy are especially suited to assist you prepare your body for holiday activities like surfing, kayaking, skydiving, horse riding and fishing and other water sports. It will help you build endurance and avoid injury, particularly if you have not done the activity for a while or are a first-time participant. We can help you to recover from those post activity aches and pains and/or any injuries.


COVID-Safe Policy

Blue Fish Pilates is a COVID-Safe studio. All staff are fully vaccinated. Please do not visit Blue Fish pilates if you are experiencing Cold or Flu Like symptoms. Please do not visit Blue Fish Pilates if you have had COVID/FLU in the last 5 days. If you have any concerns, please contact the studio.

Code of Conduct
  • At Blue Fish Pilates you must be 18 years old or over.

  • Please wear comfortable, clean, sand and zipper free fitted clothing that will not damage our equipment and will allow us to provide you with technical feedback. Our equipment is handmade and components such as zippers and buttons can tear the upholstery.
  • Due to industry safety and hygiene standards, grip socks must be worn in the studio at all times and are available for purchase.
  • All jewellery and watches need to be removed at the start of each class or session to meet industry and safety standards to keep Blue Fish clients, the Pilates Professional and equipment unharmed and safe.
  • Please bring your own water bottle or buy bottled water from us.

Illicit Drugs and Alcohol

To keep yourself, staff and other clients safe, please do not attend Blue Fish Pilates whilst under the influence of alcohol and or illicit drugs. This is in accordance with exercise industry safety standards.

Reception/Waiting Room

Due to the size of the studio, the waiting room is outside. There are chairs for you to sit on whilst you put on your grip socks, relax and wait. The Pilates Professional will greet and welcome you into the studio when it is time to begin your session or class.

If you see the Pilates professional in the studio before your session, please be mindful that they are preparing the room for you, completing clinical notes and or attending to other business.


At Blue Fish Pilates our clients respect people’s privacy and confidentiality regarding their medical conditions. Confidentiality is expected. Rainbow Beach and Cooloola Coast is a small region. We do not promote gossip. All clients at Blue Fish Pilates understand that information shared in Classes and Private Sessions is private and confidential. Please be respectful of the Pilates Professional and the other people in the Studio.


All phones need to be turned off at the beginning of each session or class.

Blue Fish Pilates Class Culture

At Blue Fish Pilates we are here to move our bodies and to enjoy one another’s company. Blue Fish Pilates is a boutique Studio. Classes at Blue Fish Pilates are small and intimate.

Things happen in pilates class. Movement can be difficult or embarrassing. Moving your body does not always feel seamless and can cause different physical or emotional responses – for e.g. someone may cry or pass wind when doing an exercise. Please do not comment or make a joke at their expense. We have worked really hard to make Blue Fish Pilates a safe,and encouraging place of healing. Exercise can be nerve racking for anyone, we need to all be mindful of other people’s privacy, health concerns, anxiety or insecurities.

We want to maintain a positive environment – please be mindful of conversation topics. People have different conditions, if you overhear something between the pilates professional and a client that does mean the person wants to talk about it with you. Please refrain from commenting about someone’s conditions or circumstances, you are not the Pilates Professional and are not privy to all of their information.

As mentioned previously, Rainbow Beach & Cooloola Coast is a small region.

In order to maintain a relaxed environment, please keep past history with other clients out of the studio. Blue Fish Pilates will do our best to mitigate discomfort with others, but at the end of the day we are all here at Blue Fish Pilates to heal and feel good in our bodies so that we can enjoy our life.

Pregnancy & Pilates

If I am Pregnant Can I do Pilates?

If you discover, or suspect, that you are pregnant, you need to tell us before your next visit. Pregnant clients are welcome to come to Pilates up until 12 weeks of pregnancy. You may come for longer, if you have written Medical Clearance from your GP or Obstetrician.


Cancellation Policy 

Appointment cancellations (which include initial Consultations, EMMETT Therapy and Private Sessions) require 24 hours’ notice. Less than 24-hour notice will incur a 100% Fee.

Classes cancellations (Studio Equipment and Reformer) require 12 hours’ notice. Less than 12 hours’ notice will incur a 100% Fee. All class bookings and cancellations are self-managed via MINDBODY.


Purchase Policy 

Pre Paid Classes, Sessions and Packs have an expiry date and are non-extendable, non-transferable and no refunds will be given under any circumstances. To avoid embarrassment, please do not ask.

Pre-Paid Casual Classes, Pre-Paid Single Session’s, and 3 Packs for Classes and Sessions EXPIRE 14 DAYS from DATE of PURCHASE.

10 Packs for Classes and Sessions EXPIRE 40 DAYS from DATE of PURCHASE.


Can I bring children? 


Blue Fish Pilates is a child free zone.  Please organise alternative care for your children so you can focus on your Pilates experience. If your child is ill or unforeseen circumstances occur, feel free to re-book your session on our website or MINDBODY appPlease note that our Classes cancellations (Studio Equipment and Reformer) require 12 hours’ notice and 24 hours’ notice is required for Appointment cancellations (which include initial Consultations, EMMETT Therapy and Private Sessions).

‘I love my Pilates classes! I go three times a week & look forward to it every time. Megan is so happy & fun that you feel relaxed and can focus on each movement. I have felt improvement with my neck problem & feel calmer and more centered in myself. I would recommend it to anyone.’